Blabbb News: 2.0

Blabbb News is an ongoing collection of Blabbb-related news that we bumped into and wanted to share with our Blabbb community. If you ever see something Blabbb-related, please drop us a line and share it with us. We’ll even give you a shout-out and a “wink!” 😉 Enjoy this week’s Blabbb News! …

So, apparently, now we’re taking photos of ourselves, sharing them on the Internet and, believe it or not, actually asking/encouraging total strangers to critique us online and blabbb about what we’re wearing?


We noticed this at our own last high school reunion: Attendance at high school/college reunions is apparently declining at an alarming rate. What’s the answer to such a “trend?” Apparently the only answer is to promote real personal connections. [Editor/Blogger’s Sarcastic Note: What a concept!]


Trying to figure out what to name your child? Well, we hate to break this to you, but “Facebook” and “Like” are already taken. Literally.


First, “E-mail” became “email.” And now, well, “Web site” has officially become “website” … and there are many more new AP rules that most people will never follow (except us at Blabbb, that is). 😉

What do “you” (not “u”) think, Blabbbers? …


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