Blabbb Hall of Shame: Founding Fathers

The Blabbb Hall of Shame is an ongoing collection of people who “blabbb” so inappropriately that even Gilbert Godfried asked, “What were they thinking?”
While the following folks really should have known better, on a positive note, they can take solace that they are, and forever will be, the legendary first inductees into the Blabbb Hall of Shame. Congratulations, ya’ Blabbbers! 😉
NFL running back Reggie Bush ran into the Twitter tornado when he tweeted about relaxing during the NFL players strike. Bush tried to use “sarcasm” as an excuse. But, as Josh Katowitz, wrote, “Sarcasm or not, it just wasn’t a good idea.” Then again, Bush used to date Kim Kardashian. So maybe we shouldn’t be too surprised by his lack of etiquette.
NFL running back Maurice Jones-Drew got himself in some hot water this past season when he tweeted about Chicago quarterback Jay Cutler not playing through injury during a playoff game. Of course, MJD tried to pretend as if it wasn’t that big a deal instead of taking real responsibility for his actions.

Pittsburgh Steelers running back Rashard Mendenall infuriated many Americans when his controversial tweets questioned the 9/11 attacks the night the news broke about Osama Bin Laden’s death. Mendenall has absolutely every right to have his own political stance, but why voice that online, especially during such a time? Only one explanation: blabbb.

In non-NFL-running-back news, esteemed journalist Nir Rosen lost his job and much more when he infamously tweeted about Lara Logan’s sexual assault.
Congratulations, gentlemen. You are the founding fathers of the Blabbb Hall of Shame. 😉
With all seriousness, why do people (especially those in the public eye) think that their words do not have meaning? Do you have any BHOS nominations?  Let us know what “you” (not “u”) think, Blabbbers …

2 Responses to Blabbb Hall of Shame: Founding Fathers

  1. Andy Lee says:

    Two words…Fred Wilpon!

  2. Lee Porter says:

    And now, months later, MJD is still an unapologetic blabbber! …

    “I don’t regret anything I do”?!?!? MJD, you are far and away the epitome of an insensitive, thoughtless, rude blabbber, you blabbber! 😉

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