About Blabbb

Blabbb is a forum for open dialogue about how we communicate with one another in this techno world. Everyone has an opinion about our techno communications (from Facebook to Twitter to text messaging). Blabbb is your source for challenging, thought-provoking discussions and reflections about how we communicate online and beyond.

Blabbb is created by writer/producer Lee Porter. Lee’s original, comedy Web series My Ruined Life just started up its third season — with new episodes all winter/spring long — and was awarded “Best Web Series Shot In Philadelphia” and “Audience Favorite (Web Series)” by FirstGlance Film Festival 2012. Lee’s original Web series Wink comically examines how our online (foodie) world can conflict with our off-line (real) relationships. His comedy short/charity project fb4h raises money for the homeless. He is a contributing food writer for Food Network’s CityEats-Philly, a member of the Board of Directors of Azuka Theatre, the editor of the comic book series Adam 12 and a member of the Fishtown Beer Runners. Lee “likes” eating and shrugging … and making fun of Internet addicts (even though he is one himself).

Blabbb: communicating on the Internet about communicating on the Internet.


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