Blabbb Hall of Fame: 1.0

August 4, 2011
The Blabbb Hall of Fame is … well, it’s like the Blabbb Hall of Shame, except the complete opposite. Congratulations, Blabbbers! πŸ˜‰

We at Blabbb often bash celebrities for blabbbing with little-to-no thought, for foolishly pretending as if their words have no meaning and that mere shrugs (and mutterings of “who cares”) can get them out of their mistakes with zero accountability, without apologies or actions to rectify their errors in judgment. While we get a great kick out of shining the spotlight on such moronic mishaps (see our Blabbb Hall of Shame posts), we would like to take a moment to applaud a celebrity who has used the social media as a catalyst to become a better person.

ESPN’s Amy K. Nelson wrote a fabulous piece about Cincinnati Reds All-Star second baseman Brandon Phillips. In her feature, Nelson describes how Phillips joined Twitter this past offseason and has utilized it as a way to connect with his fans and help the public see a much better side of him than he had been able to portray in the past. Heck, he now even takes his fans out to dinner with him … and only drinks milk!

Kudos, Brandon Phillips! We tip our Blabbb baseball caps your way. Keep up the great work, and please don’t disappoint us by ever using Twitter without thinking about your words and actions first. We would hate to have to demote you and send you down to the “minors” (ie, the Blabbb Hall of Shame).

Blabbbers, do you know of any celebrities whose blabbbing is worthy of praise, as opposed to shame? Let us know what “you” (not “u”) think. πŸ˜‰


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