Vacation Posters (the blabbb ones, not the framed posters on our real walls)

May 25, 2011

Vacation (Status Update)
All I ever wanted
Vacation (Photos on FB)
Had to get away
Vacation (Foursquare check-in)
Meant to be spent alone (chatting on Yelp) …

As summer is almost upon us, when we pack up our cars and hit the overcrowded beaches, we thought it was the perfect time to open up a Blabbb debate about sharing our whereabouts on the Internet.
Why do we tell others online that we are away from our homes? How many horror stories do we need to read before we learn that vacation status updates, posting photos while away at other countries and even checking-in via Foursquare and the like really might not be the best idea?
Even though Facebook has upgraded its privacy settings these last couple years, our online networks are expanding and the “friend” line has become blurred. Who really has five thousand “friends?” How well do we really know everyone we’re “friends” with on Facebook? We might want to reconsider before we next post that we’re leaving for a week in Mexico or that we’re excited to visit our parents in our hometowns for Thanksgiving weekend. After all, as scary as it sounds, such vacation status updates and mobile upload photos can be translated by certain “friends” or conniving strangers (depending on our privacy settings and who can read our FB walls) to read: Please Rob Me!

Not convinced? Here are some better worded discussions on locational privacy and over-sharing and location-awareness.

A different angle on this topic is whether we find vacation announcements to be boasting or not. Does it depend on how well you know the person? Does it depend on how frequently he or she posts on Facebook? Does it depend on his or her choice of words and presentation of such a public announcement? Have “bragging” and “sharing” become oddly synonymous in our techno world? More so, is it all that much extra work to simply update a few close friends-and-family via a private message when on vacation instead of blabbbing to everyone in our online social networks?
Let us know what “you” (not “u”) think, Blabbbers. And, no matter if you’re a Vacation Poster, a Foursquare addict or a neurotically private person, we wish you and yours a great, safe holiday weekend! 😉

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