Happy Social Media Day: Woot or WTF?

June 30, 2011

Seeing as today is “Social Media Day,” we at Blabbb wish you a very very very¬†… Happy Social Media Day! So … uh … are we supposed to say “woot” or “WTF” here?! ūüėČ

What is Social Media Day? On the record, on one hand, this is the day for all those who use the word “woot” to get together and celebrate. And, off the record, on the other hand, it’s¬†a time for us computer geeks to unite, a time to get together and celebrate all those quality human relationships that we’ve¬†forged by typing on¬†keyboards¬†and smartphones while¬†we’re lonely at home by ourselves. It’s even a time to meet total strangers at social media events and then return home and “friend” them online after one tiny conversation. (Yes, this paragraph was loaded with sarcasm.)

In all seriousness, today there are events scheduled throughout the country for people to get together and celebrate¬†our online¬†social networking groups. Mashable, Meetup, Yelp and other online social¬†networking groups¬†have meet-up events scheduled everywhere¬†in honor of this grand day. So get out there and “woot” it up, y’all! ūüėČ

This leads us at Blabbb to ponder the question: Why do¬†we participate¬†in online social networking groups? Why would we consciously elect to “meet up” with total strangers online first and then later forge human relationships¬†with them in person? Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

Do you make friends with total strangers¬†on Mashable? Meetup? Yelp? Happy Social Media Day, Blabbbers! Tell us what “you” (not “u”) think …


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